Brunch in St. Germain

Brunch meets lunch at Colorova. Baked goods and pasta bolognese in a spacious trendy environment. The patisserie in St. Germain serves a copious brunch on a tight time schedule.

Brunch in Paris is hot. So call upfront to claim your spot on the colourful furniture. You can choose between two shifts: 11.30 or 13.30. Don’t let the waiters rush you out the door before the new round starts. Take it easy. After all: it’s your weekend!

There were two menus to choose from. We tried one of each to get a taste of everything. The brunch kicked off with pain perdu, juice, bread and vienoisserie (small pastries like croissant or pain au chocolat) with caramel, chocolate, confiture, cream and compote. After the sweet entrée hearty dishes were served. A crusty roulé in warm carrot sauce was a nice surprise followed by a petit pasta bolognese topped with lots of cheese. By that time the waiter tried to persuade us to leave but we still had to choose a dessert (!) and a fruit cocktail to end with.


  • Very nicely decorated, feels homey. Stylish, very ‘Saint Germain’. Hip and happening in Rive Gauche.
  • Come prepared! Generous brunch.
  • Petit déjeuner meets déjeuner. Interesting combinations!
  •  If eggs are a must have ingredient of your weekend brunch you might want to try Eggs & Co.






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