A trip to Bourgogne

You might know the famous wines from Bourgogne (Burgundy). Burgundy is a French region and not that far away from Paris. Beautiful green hills, slopes and vineyards define the landscape. It’s known for it’s historic towns and villages, castles, good food and fine wines. What’s not to like! I summed up some highlights of the region, which we enjoyed very much. Have fun!

First, get in the mood with some fine Burgundy wine. This way you can get a box yourself!

North of Burgundy

Vallery is a small village that thrives on weddings and when you see the chateau you’ ll understand why. It’s big enough to celebrate three weddings without bumping into the other guests. There’s a pool, wine basement/cave, a place for a bonfire, a Moroccan diningroom, and last but not least a bridal suite where you can sleep under the starry sky.

A quintessential French town with a beautiful cathedral and an inside food market. There is also a nice garden behind the church. Good boulangeries and traiteurs. People are really nice. While ordering the last rillettes of the day, the woman serving us informed us about the light festival at night in summer. Another impressive light show you’ll find in Chartres.

Sens also has a very well maintained beautiful parc with botanic gardens (Parc du Moulin à Tan). You can bring your food from the traiteur and have a great picnic on one of the picnic tables. You will feel rejuvenated when exiting the parc, which is very peaceful!

It’s not Burgundy but not far. Fontainebleau has a beautiful castle (which is visited by a lot of tourists) and a famous business school.

South of Burgundy

Beautiful château. We had the privilege of partying (and also do some sleeping) there. Had a great time.

What can I say? Good food, good wine, great view. If they have any, try the snails. Best I’ve ever had.


Château de Vallery


Another picture of château de Pierreclos

Bourgogne 2014-06-30 21.03.43 

Château Fontainebleau – photo taken bij Bradley Wells under cc license



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