Smile! You’re in Paris!

Is the slogan of a hotel chain in Paris. Just saying it while walking around in Paris makes me instantly happy.

“Smile! You’re in Paris”.

It reminds me a bit of the Coca Cola theme sound. Or “Happy” from Pharrell. Makes you feel good, don’t you think?

I mean: Paris! Any bad mood fades away when walking in this city. There are so many beautiful things to discover. Every time, it surprises me.

For example, my street has a great view on the Eiffel Tower. Everyday I enjoy this view. Some people warned me that after a while I wouldn’t notice it anymore. But every night, every hour on the hour, when the flashing lights turn on, it’s a celebration to walk home.

Eiffel Tower

Welcome to our blog! It’s about Paris, living in France and much more!

I hope you’ll get as enchanted as I am.


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